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Probate Advice and Help

If you are the Executor of a will or the Administrator of someone who has died and needs help collecting the Deceased’s persons estate, we can help.

Probate is the legal term given to the process that is followed after someone has died. It ends with the Probate Registry issuing a legal document that  called a Grant Probate, once issued the estate assets can then be collected and the estate administered.

The probate process explained

There are a number of steps that need to be followed.

The starting point is to find the deceased will and see who is the Executor, this person will have responsibility for the administration of the estate. If there is no will, then the estate will be subject to the Intestacy Rules which set out who will administer the estate and inherit the various assets. Typically the administrator of the estate will be the next of kin, but you can see the Intestacy Rules by clicking here .

Probate is obtained following an application made to the Probate Registry they are the Court who are responsible for the issue of a Grant of probate when there is a will or a Grant of Letters of Administration

How We Can Help You

We specialise in obtaining probate and help executors, beneficiaries and administrators throughout the UK as well as overseas, with probate in the UK, we have particular expertise in the following areas :-

  1. Obtaining probate to release monies in a bank account, shares or a death benefit under a pension scheme
  2. Probate for the sale of a House
  3. Probate for the sale of shares
  4. Probate to bring a claim eg. PPI or Care Home Fees
  5. Issues with wills. We help when the original will is lost, there might be a problem with the signature of the Deceased, the witnesses may have signed the will in the wrong place or the will may have been written on.
  6. Contesting a will. If you are unhappy with a will we can advise you on whether Contest the Will

Why choose us ?

  • We probate quickly
  • We charge a simple, straightforward fee fixed fee
  • No interview at the probate registry will be required
  • No fees are charged until the end of the case or the beneficiaries are in receipt of funds from the estate.
  • We operate across the UK
  • All our staff are friendly approachable – you will always speak to case handler who knows your case well


Contesting a Will Advice

Are you unhappy, frustrated or upset with a will? Have you been left out of a will, or disinherited? Unsure where to start? If so we can help.

Making a Claim

We have a dedicated team that specialise in Contested Probate disputes and are one of the few firms to really focus on this area of law. In doing so, we have significant experience across a range of the most common types of will disputes. In 2015 we successfully recovered over £2 million for our clients.

What To Do Next?

Get in touch quickly!

Getting in touch early is important as there are often strict time limits to making a claim. You can call us on 0845 9011 686 or simply fill in the contact form.

We will explain your case and options in clear and simple terms. If you have a case we always try to work on a simple No Win No Fee Agreement.

Types of Claims

It is always best to seek expert advice on whether you have a claim. While there are many ways to contest a will, we find the most common grounds arise in the following circumstances:

  • A will was changed close to someone’s death
  • Broken promises made under a will
  • Claims for financial support from a deceased person
  • Wills made under undue influence
  • Problems with the will itself – was it signed and witnessed correctly?
  • Issues concerning the person’s mental capacity to make a will

Our Service Includes:

  • No Win No Fee Service
  • Free case assessment
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Cost-effective, clear and transparent advice
  • Getting results quickly
  • Expert Assistance from a team that recovered £2 million last year

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