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Confused about Probate?

We Can Help: If you are unsure about probate we provide free initial advice, fill in the details below and we will call you straight back.

Probate : How we can help you

Probate can often be a very confusing process, do I really need probate ?, how long will it take? or how much will it cost? these are just some of the questions that are often asked. If you need advice obtaining probate, we can help.

Ways in which we can help you

Obtaining probate for banks, shares or pension policy

If the Deceased help assets with a bank above £15,000 then a grant of probate will be required to close the account and release the funds. We can help you with the probate process ensuring the application for probate is made quickly and the various paperwork with the bank undertaken.

We also regularly help with probate when the deceased had shares or a pension company is requesting probate to release monies under a policy benefit, or a life policy.

Probate when the Deceased left a property

It is important to appreciate that probate is required to sell a Deceased persons property. Even when a property is jointly owned as a Tenants in Common probate will be required. In light of this always ensure that you leave sufficient time to obtain probate before putting a property on the market.For advice on selling a probate property can be found on the administration page

What happens when there is no Will ?

It is always sensible to seek legal help when a family member has died without a will. The Intestacy Rules set out the Order of entitlement as to who inherits the estate and who can apply for probate. These rules can be complex and therefore, we can ensure that you advised correctly throughout.For advice on obtaining a grant of letters of administration can be found on what happens when there is no will page

Help when problems arise with a will

We regularly help when problems arise with wills, maybe the original will is lost ? there are issues with the deceased's signature or the way in which the witnesses signed the will. If so we can help.

How to contest a will

We specialise in contested probate and advise clients across the UK, when issues arise with wills : did the deceased have the capacity, did undue influence or fruad arise when the will was made ? did the deceased fail to leave adequate financial provision under the will for a family member ? or maybe the deceased had made a promise or assurance under a will ? whatever your problem with a will we can help. You can read more about our contesting a will by reviewing our conested probate page

Our probate services : why choose us ?

Getting probate quickly. We can often obtain a grant of probate and manage the probate process much quicker than an application made in person

Cost effective. We charge a simple, straightforward fixed fee

No interview at the probate registry will be required

No fees are charged until the end of the case or the beneficiaries are in receipt of the funds

All our staff are friendly approachable

Need help with probate? Call our probate helpline on: 0844 7400948

National Probate Helpline tel: 01482 638400