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Duties of an Executor

Who Can Apply For Probate ?

The probate process Who can apply for probate depends upon whether the Deceased left a will, or not. If a will is left the person with the responsibility for applying for probate is called the Executor, while if the Deceased left no will ( known

How to renounce probate ?

Sometimes you might not want to have any involvment in dealing with a Deceased persons estate. Typically, we find that the most common reasons for this are that :- The executor may not have been informed that they are an executor under the wil The

When do you need Probate ?

When do you need probate is perhaps one of the most common questions asked. The most common reasons why you might need are as follows :- To close a bank account held by the Deceased. Whilst most banks have differing policies, most provide that if

Probate and Inheritance Tax

As a firm specialising in probate one of the first questions we are asked regardless as to the value of the estate, is whether any tax is payable and why does an inheritance tax return have to be completed ? in all applications for probate,