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Probate costs

How Much Does It Cost To Contest a Will ?

The Costs of Contesting a Will As a law firm specialising in contested probate claims, we are frequently asked how much does it cost to contest a will ? There is no straightforward answer as every case is different. Sometimes cases settle relatively quickly whilst

Probate to close a Deceased account ?

Need help closing a bank account of a Deceased person ? Have you been asked by a bank for probate ? if so we can help. Probate is the process that is followed after someone has died in the UK. It ends with the probate

What is the average cost of probate ?

Probate Costs and Charges : Fixed Fee Service There are lots of horror stories on the Internet about the costs of probate, about banks charging high fees and solicitors hourly rates. Fortunately, not everyone is the same, and we are one of the few firms

How Long Does Probate Take ?

How long does probate usually take ? Perhaps the most commonly asked question is how long does probate ? the answer depends upon a number of factors., which include :- the value of the estate ? is there Inheritance Tax payable ? if so an