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How Much Does a Caveat Cost ?

Probate and Caveats If you are unhappy with a will or maybe the executor has simply refused to provide a copy of the will, you can issue what is called a Caveat against an estate. A Caveat simply prevents probate from being issued – nothing

Do I need probate to sell a property ?

When you need probate to sell a property When dealing with a deceased person’s estate that involves a property, it will need to be established how the property is owned. If the deceased held the property solely in their name, then Probate will need to

How Long Does Probate Take ?

How long does probate usually take ? Perhaps the most commonly asked question is how long does probate ? the answer depends upon a number of factors., which include :- the value of the estate ? is there Inheritance Tax payable ? if so an

Probate and Care Home Fees

Due to the recent imposition of a deadline for claining care home fees, we are frequently asked about probate in these types of case. All ocal authorities will insist on a Grant of probate before they will deal with a case. The reason for this

What happens when there’s no will

If someone has died without a will, then that person will have died Intestate, which means that their assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy rules. These rules set out an order of entitlement as to the persons entitled to administer an estate.

Welcome to NetProbate’s New Blog

Welcome to NetProbate’s new Blog. We will be updating this page regularly with legal news and updates about the firm so make a note of the page in your favourites list and visit us regularly.