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Do you have to use the Solicitor who wrote the will to obtain Probate ?

Solicitor that drafted the will ? your choices

Our probate helpline regularly helps those applying for probate with general probate issues. One frequently asked is whether you have to use the Solicitor that wrote the will to apply for probate. Absolutely not ! is the answer. It is important to recognise that if you are the Executor it is your choice as to who you instruct to apply for probate and therefore don’t feel embarrassed asking the solicitor to return the will to you. Very often a son or daughter may not have any connection with a local solicitor and understandably may choose to instruct someone ele. We are probate speialiststs and can help you obtain probate quickly and cost effectively.

We operate a transparent fixed fee policy and operate across the UK. Call us now on 01482 429985 for a fixed fee probate quote.

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