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Fixed Fee Services

Probate Solicitors Fees and Costs

Have you been quoted a ridiculous fee by your local solicitor or bank to undertake probate ? concerned about hourly rates and the costs ? if so we can help.

Would you like to know the exact costs of probate ? we can probate a simple easy to understand quote for probate.

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Fixed Fee Probate Service

We will always quote a fixed fee for probate at the beginning of case. This is much fairer, and transparent way of charging. All our costs are deferred until the conclusion of the case after all work has been undertaken.

We are often asked what are the benefits to you using us ? well here are some reasons :-

Generally quicker When Probate is undertaken in person, an interview at the probate registry will be required. By contrast, if a Solicitor makes the application, no interview at the Probate Registry is needed as the Executor or Administrator will be asked to sign a legal document known as an Oath. Everything can be dealt with by post.

Peace of mind By using a solicitor you know that everything is undertaken correctly and there is no need to worry – remember an Executor has a personal responsibility if mistakes arise.

Intestacy/No Will. If the Deceased did not leave a will, expert help should always be sought on the distribution of the estate.

Inheritance Tax Forms completed. All probate applications must be supported by an Inheritance Tax return. We know how to complete the return quickly, to save you time and cost

Will Disputes. Having an independent solicitor handle the estate can often help resolve family disputes regarding who distributes the estate together with the interpretation of the will

Property issues in Probate. If the Deceased left a property, then a Solicitor will be required to sell or transfer the property at some stage, having the same Solicitor undertaking the probate and the sale of a property, saves time.

We operate a nationwide probate service, and if you would like a fixed fee probate quote you can call us on 0844 7400 948 or e-mail us above.

Call our probate helpline now on: 0844 9011 686

National Probate helpline Telephone: 0845 9011 686

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