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Glossary of Terms for Probate

Probate Terms Explained

Throughout the site there are various terms used, the guide below explains what they are and mean :-

  • Administrator
    – typically the person dealing with the deceased’s affairs when there is no will
  • Bequest
    – the term given to the making of a gift in a will
  • Codicil
    – a legal document which seeks to amend or alter a will. A codicil must be correctly executed in the same
  • Estate
    – the term given to all the assets of a deceased person
  • Executor
    – person(s) appointed in a will to administer an estate
  • Inheritance tax
    – tax payable to the Inland revenue when the estate is over the current inheritance threshold ( currently £325,000 )
  • Intestate
    – when someone dies without leaving a will
  • Issue
    – the children or descendants of a person
  • Legacy
    – a gift in a will
  • Grant of letters of administration
    – legal document issued by the probate registry when there is no will
  • Life interest
    – entitlement to receive income or a benefit under a will or an intestacy
  • Nil Rate band
    – the value of an estate on which inheritance tax is not payable
  • Proving the will
    – the process of making the application to the probate registry
  • Probate Registry
    – the court responsible for the issue of grants of probate and the administration of all probate matters
  • Testator
    – the person who makes a will


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