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How Long Does Probate Take ?

How long does probate usually take ?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question is how long does probate ? the answer depends upon a number of factors., which include :-

  • the value of the estate ? is there Inheritance Tax payable ? if so an Inheritance tax schedule MUST be filed within 6 months and tax paid
  • who is handling the estate ? a Solicitor or someone applying in person ? in our experience it is quicker to use a Solicitor to apply for probate
  • how well did the Executor or Administrator know the Deceased ? if you did not know the Deceased well finding out about assets and liabilities can take time eg. there maybe a need for a Statutory Notice about Creditors
  • what are the assets of the deceased ? is there a property or cash assets ? selling a property can take time while the collection of cash assets is typically much quicker
  • how well organised are the Deceased’s assets. Sometimes an estate is well organised with all assets clearly identified if this is the case handling the estate is much easier.

In very simple estates we can obtain probate within 3-5 weeks however in more complicated estates the estates can take upto 12-14 weeks on average.

If you need help with probate call our helpline on 0845 9011 686 we operate across the UK and provide a simple fixed fee service.

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