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How long does probate usually take ?

As a Probate Solicitors perhaps one of the most common questions handling probate cases is how long does probate take ? understandably the need to collect assets and administer an estate quickly is in everyone’s interests and for this reason delays in handling an estate can led to a great deal of frustration. In very straightforward cases, such as releasing funds held in a bank account we are able to obtain a grant of probate from the probate registry within 3-5 weeks. It is important to appreciate that once you have obtained the grant more work is required. For example, the assets have to be collected, liabilities paid and then the estate assets distributed according to the will or the Intestacy Rules. This can take time as numerous letters and forms etc need to be sent off to various organisations enabling monies to be released. In larger estates other factors must be considered such as the payment of inheritance tax, while the need for a statutory notice, which provides notice to creditors that the estate is to be administered might also need to be undertaken. If a notice is provided then the estate would not be distributed until the expiry of the notice period which is typically 2 months. Unfortunately, delays can arise if there is a dispute as clearly no distribution can occur until any disputes have been resolved.

Fortunately, most estates are very straightforward and we find that on average we are able to administer the estate within 8-10 weeks – if you need help with probate call us 0844 740 0948


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