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How Much Does a Caveat Cost ?

Probate and Caveats

If you are unhappy with a will or maybe the executor has simply refused to provide a copy of the will, you can issue what is called a Caveat against an estate.

A Caveat simply prevents probate from being issued – nothing else and can be a very useful tool in ensuring a will is disclosed or preventing probate from being whilst further investigations are undertaken regarding a deceased’s persons estate.

Obtaining advice from a solicitor before issuing a Caveat is always sensible, as very often a Caveat may well not be the most appropriate procedure to prevent probate, an example of this would be if making a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975, In addition a Caveat entered unreasonably can result in  a Warning being served against the person who has entered the Caveat.

A Caveat lasts for a period of some 6 months and is issued by the probate registry.

If you are an executor or administrator and have discovered that a caveat has been issued against an estate, please feel to call us on 0845  9011 686 or e-mail