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How to renounce probate ?

Sometimes you might not want to have any involvment in dealing with a Deceased persons estate. Typically, we find that the most common reasons for this are that :-

  • The executor may not have been informed that they are an executor under the wil
  • The estate maybe insolvent with no assets
  • The executor may not have the time

If you fall into any of the above categories and there is another Executor, and you do not wish to deal in the Administration of the estate, then you are able to Renounce probate. This would involve the signing of a deed of renunciation, which once signed would mean that you would have no involvement whatsoever in the administration. You would need to notify the other executor, if you are the only executor then you would need to notify the principal beneficiaries under the estate of your decision to renounce probate. If you need help renouncing probate call us now on 01482 429985.

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