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Is a will valid ?

As specialist probate solicitors, we regularly handle problem will cases, when there are issues with the way in which a will may have been signed. In all cases the will must comply with the Wills Act which states that a will MUST be signed, dated and witnessed by two witnesses. Despite this, we often see cases when :-

  • the will isn’t signed correctly. For example, the testator may have signed at the top of the will or may have simply printed his name
  • issues involving witnesses. Did the witnesses actually witness the Deceased’s signature ?
  • lost wills. The Original will must be submitted to the probate registry and only in exceptional cases can a copy will be admitted
  • the will may have been written on after the will has been signed

We have a dedicated team with expertise in helping Executors with issues arising out of problem will cases. We operate across the UK as well as overseas. Contact us our probate helpline on 01482 42 9985 and ask to speak with Tim Murden.


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