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When You Need Probate

When Do You Need Probate ?

Probate is the term, typically given to the legal process that is followed after someone’s death.

To collect the Deceased person’s assets a legal document known as a Grant of Probate must be obtained by the Executors of a will. If no will exists, the Administrators of the estate (normally the closest blood relative) will apply to the Probate Registry for a legal document known as a Grant of Letters of Administration. .

The Probate Registry is the Court responsible for the administration and issuing of grants of probate.

Is probate always required ? the law

Whether probate is required ultimately depends upon the size of the Deceased’s assets.

Probate will be required in the following circumstances :-

  • If a Deceased held a property.
  • If the Deceased owned shares
  • To make a claim on behalf of the deceased’s estate

Probate is however not always required, this may arise when the deceased held assets in a Joint name ( such as property ) or when the Deceased only had a small amount of cash.

Typically, a bank or building society will release such assets on the production of either the original will, death certificate and a small estates form signing if the assets are below £15,000

in value, however alot of banks limits do differ, so it is always worth checking first.

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