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Probate : How to Obtain a Copy of a Will

If a close family relative has died, how easy is it to see a copy of the will ? the starting point is always to simply ask the Executor for a copy of the will. Often we speak to family relatives who are refused a copy of the will by the Executor which understandably causes great distress, if this is the case it is often sensible to consider the appointment of a Solicitor to write and request a copy of the will. If the request is refused, the next step would be to consider applying for a caveat which stops probate and this should be made clear to the Executor. A Caveat can be important if you are seeking to contest a will, as it provides time for enquiries to be made. Given that a will becomes a Public document once probate is issued we always advise the disclosure of wills if a reasonable request is made, as this can often avoid considerable distress and unhappiness amongst family members.

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