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Probate Advice UK

If you are an Executor or Administrator of an estate knowing who to seek advice from can be difficult. It is is important to appreciate that the probate registry simply issue probate, and therefore they don’t provide legal advice. In response to the large  number of probate questions, we formed the National probate helpline. This provides answers to the public daily, with the most frequently asked questions including :-

  • what is probate
  • why do I need probate
  • how can I apply for probate
  • how much does probate cost?
  • what happens if there is no will
  • can I apply for probate in person ?
  • what are the duties of an executor ?
  • how do you contest a will ?
  • is there a time limit on applying for probate ?
  • how long does probate take ?

We operate a clear and simple fixed fee probate service and operate across the UK. If you need help call us on 0844 740 0948


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