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Probate Helpline : UK Probate Advice

We operate a national probate helpline that regularly answers lots of typical common questions – listed below are the top 10 questions we get asked on probate :-

  1. What is probate ?
  2. Why do I need probate when there is a will
  3. What happens when there is no will ?
  4. Does a Inheritance Tax return have to be completed in every case
  5. How long does probate take ?
  6. Who can apply for probate
  7. How much does probate cost ?
  8. Will I have to pay Inheritance Tax ?
  9. Do I need probate to sell a House in a deceased’s name
  10. Can I contest a will ?

If you need help obtaining probate, call us now on 0845 269 3571 and let us help you.


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