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Confused about Probate?

We Can Help: If you are unsure about probate we provide free initial advice, fill in the details below and we will call you straight back.

Probate Internet Resources

unclaimed assets / pro-forma letters

Unclaimed Assets Register

If you are unsure as to whether you have collected all of the deceased’s assets you can pay a fee of £25 to the unclaimed assets register to contact all known banks and other financial institutions to undertake a search. Their website is

The Court Service

Responsible for the administration of the probate registry.

Treasury Solicitor

HM Revenue & Customs

Responsible for all inheritance tax issues.

Office of Public Guardian

Land Registry

Age Concern

Conveyanciing Help ?

Need help with probate?
Call our probate helpline on: 0844 7400948

National Probate Helpline tel: 01482 638400