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Probate Solicitors Fees

Probate Cost

We regularly receive calls from prospective clients asking how much will probate cost? most Solicitors and banks charge hourly rates and a percentage of the Deceased persons estate. In doing so this leads to a great deal of confusion as to what the final fee will be.

Fixed Fee

Unlike the vast majority of solicitors and banks we don’t charge hourly rates or a percentage of an estate, instead we charge a simple straightforward fee at the beginning of the case as we consider this is much more straightforward to understand. All our fees are paid out the estate at the end of the case.

We operate across the UK

We operate across the UK and specialise in probate matters and can arrange home visits if possible.

If you would like a non-obligation quote call our probate helpline on: 0844 7400948

National Probate helpline Telephone: 0845 9011 686

Probate Solicitors Fees

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