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Resealing Grant of Probate in the UK

Over the last 30 years the number of UK citizen’s immigrating has continued to increase, but what happens if the person having immigrated still leaves assets in the UK ? well the answer ultimately depends upon a number of factors, most notably the Country the person has died in and the probate process that has been followed in that particular Country. If the Deceased died in a former Commonwealth country such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa then these Countries whilst having an entirely separate legal system to the UK are recognised under the Colonial Probates Act, which means that the foreign Grant of Probate can be resealed in the UK.   this involves a separate application to the UK probate registry requiring the filing of a tax return . TM Solicitors have a dedicated overseas probate team that assist lawyers from across the world with Resealing Applications in the UK, call us now on 00 44 1482 638564, if you require help with  overseas probate/inheritance matters in the UK.

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