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Inheritance Tax Forms

Does an Inheritance Tax return have to be completed in every case ?

Unfortunately, when an application for probate is made, the Executor or Administrator must always complete an Inheritance Tax return, even if the estate is very small. The reason for this is that the Inland Revenue have no idea as to the value of the estate and there the tx return is written confirmation as the estates value.

The rates of inheritance tax have increased over the course of the last 20 years with the current rate of £325,000 being introduced on the 6th April 2009. Unless reliefs can be claimed then tax is charged at 40%, so it is really important to ensure that you seek advice. Full details of historic rates dating back to 1986 can be seen by clicking here

The Inheritance tax return

There are two tax returns : the IHT 205 when no charge is due and the IHT 400 when tax is payable. An IHT form 421 must be completed as well when an IHT form 400 is completed ( known as an Estate Account ) the IHT 421 confirms the tax summary and must be sealed by the Inland Revenue confirming the payment of the Inheritance Tax due

Helping you complete the an Inheritance Tax form

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