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What is the average cost of probate ?

Probate Costs and Charges : Fixed Fee Service

There are lots of horror stories on the Internet about the costs of probate, about banks charging high fees and solicitors hourly rates. Fortunately, not everyone is the same, and we are one of the few firms to genuinely charge a simple fixed fee service for obtaining probate.

By charging a a fixed fee you know exactly the costs at the beginning of the case and don’t have to worry about an unexpected bill.

As we specialise in probate, our in house systems are designed to ensure that probate is obtained as quickly and cost effectively as possible. So how do we charge and what are the likely costs ? if you call our probate helpline we ask a few straightforward questions relating to the Deceased persons estate, such as whether there is a will, what are the assets and liabilities and who are the beneficiaries. Once we have this information, as specialist probate solicitors we can then send you a fixed fee quote, in which we set out what information we need, how much probate will cost and how long probate will take.

As a guide, if you need a grant of probate to collect monies from a bank account our costs start at £500 plus vat and court fees of £150.

All our fees are deferred until the end of the case and paid from the estate assets. If you need a fixed fee quote call us on 0845 9011 686 or e-mail


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