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When do you need Probate ?

When do you need probate is perhaps one of the most common questions asked. The most common reasons why you might need are as follows :-

  • To close a bank account held by the Deceased. Whilst most banks have differing policies, most provide that if the Deceased held funds above £15,000 then probate will be required.
  • To sell a property owned by the Deceased. A will is not sufficient to sell a property. The Grant of probate or Grant of letters of administration will be required to sell a property owned by a Deceased person.
  • To collect or sell shares – typically a share registrar such as Capita or Equinti will require probate to sell shares
  • To claim under a life policy
  • To claim a death benefit under a Pension Policy
  • To bring a claim on behalf of the Deceased eg. for the recovery of care home fees or payment protection Insurance ( PPI )

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